Life/Disability Insurance


You may have already seen how iSCHURING can help you find quality home and auto insurance. Now, it’s time to do the same thing with your life insurance needs. Just like our other products, iSCHURING offers life insurance with multiple insurance companies. This gives you the power to shop at one place with many different…

Jewelry Coverage


Add additional jewelry coverage to your policy to help protect your valuable items that are away from home or may become lost or stolen.  While most home/renters/condo policies offer limited coverage for jewelry that is kept in your home, it may not be enough. Fortunately, coverage can be added to cover all or desired items…

Personal Umbrella

Personal Umbrella

If you’re faced with a lawsuit or expenses due to an injury or accident, costs may quickly exceed the coverage limits of your auto or homeowners policy. That means out of pocket costs to you. A personal umbrella policy can provide broad coverage designed to protect your personal assets from unexpected expenses.   

Off-Road Motorcycle

Off-road Motorcycle

There are thousands of miles of trails and places to explore that do not require a license on your bike but may still require permission or an off-road sticker. If your one of the riders that still loves the smell and sound of two-strokes, or just appreciate the power of a 450 four-stroke, iSCHURING understands…



Whatever it is you like to ride – cruiser, touring, sport bikes, enduro’s or classics – iSCHURING understands the difference. We know what’s important. We’ll help to make sure your ride is protected and we’ll answer questions about coverage for you, the pilot, and your passengers. Not all motorcycle insurance coverage is alike. There is…


RV & Motorhome

If the open roads and the great outdoors are calling your name, an RV is the perfect choice for you. Gone are the days of camping. Now, trailers and motorhomes have become so luxurious that  “glamping” is the new term to describe modern day campers.  These new rigs require the right insurance coverage. When you…

Personal Watercraft

Personal Watercraft

Personal watercraft are the perfect way to get out and enjoy the sun and water up close and personal. These boats combine high performance with high exhilaration. With this comes higher risk for the pilots and passengers alike. But, what most people do not know is that your home insurance provides little to no coverage…

watercraft coverage


Boats are an amazing way to get away and enjoy the water while having fun with family and friends. Whatever your taste is in boats, iSCHURING has the right coverage options for you. Our coverage starts with liability coverage that is needed for these boats and is not provided on a homeowners policy. Then, we…

Snowmobile coverage


For you, the fun begins when the snow starts to fall. Snowmobiles are a great way to enjoy the great outdoors as the temperatures drop. We at iSCHURING understand the investment it takes to get out on the trails and we want to help you protect it. It’s easy to add coverage for your snowmobiles…

pet insurance

Pet Insurance

Our pets have become like family to us. They are there to provide comfort and friendship. But what happens when that family member becomes sick or injured? FIGO Pet Insurance helps provide Peace of Mind by picking up the expensive cost for illnesses and injuries that your pet could incur. Emergency care, hospitilization, X-rays, MRI’s,…