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Our agent services are here to provide help when you need it.

iSCHURING makes getting instant personal insurance fast and easy. But, not all risks are the same and sometimes it takes just a little extra to help you get what you need. Think of it as having your own insurance quoting concierge at your service.

You Are Unique 

We understand that you are unique and so are your insurance coverage needs. Our agents can help you to review your current coverage, answer questions and offer suggestions to get you on your way to “Peace of Mind”.  

Reviewing Your Quotes

Imagine visiting five different insurance companies, providing each of them your information. Then you get quotes and billing plans for each. Next, you try to compare them side by side to try and understand the differences. iSCHURING’s technology speeds all of this up and our agents can work with you to understand all of it. Since we can offer all five companies, we can give you independent advice on the pros and cons of each offering. Our agent services are designed to put you first. Let’s get started!

More Coverage Quotes

While iSCHURING can provide instant quotes on HOME/RENTERS/CONDO’s and PERSONAL AUTO, some products need a little more time to get the quote right. This may require that we partner with our related company, Miller-Schuring. For this reason, not all products are available on instant quote. Our agent services will provide you the information and custom quote for the coverage you need.

Completing the Sale

When you are ready to start your new insurance, our agents are ready to complete the sale and answer any questions. From billing plans to policy delivery options, we’ll be there to make it all happen. We look forward to working with you and maintaining a relationship that provides you peace of mind and the best coverage possible.