Meet the iSCHURING team: we are a group of seasoned insurance professionals that desired to create a much easier way of doing insurance. Our backgrounds include business, finance, web-development, design, service and, most importantly, creativeness. 

Started in 2006 by our founder Jamie Schuring, we have grown to become a diverse group of people using our individual strengths and skills to create an amazing product for you, the consumer. 



Some of the best in the business, work at


What We Do

We make insurance purchasing easier. 

For the average person, researching and purchasing insurance can be very confusing. If you want to see rates from a few different carriers, you will need to decide where to start. This means researching the right providers to quote. Once you choose a few, you will need to enter your personal information in several websites or to several people over the phone and wait to see what will happen. If you’re not sure where this information is going and how it will be used, you may choose not to provide your information to several different entities. This limits your choice.

At you will only need to enter your information once to get MULTIPLE INSTANT QUOTES from reputable insurance companies. This saves you time and money. Then, after receiving your quotes, you can ask questions to our LIVE agents. They will review what you have and discuss any questions or concerns. This provides peace of mind before you make your purchase.

Because we are not an insurance company, we can provide honest answers and feedback about each of the products based on our experiences with each company. You ask the questions, we provide the answers, then you choose what company is best for you. All without needing to hop back and forth between websites or phone service centers. 

After the sale, we are available 24/7 to help with questions, changes or claims. Basic service requests can be handled 24/7 with our user portal or LIVE over the phone with a service agent. For more detailed help, our agents are available during regular business hours EST to help.

Lastly, our technology allows you to quickly re-rate your policy without entering your information again. This gives you the power to see if your coverage and rate is still competitive without the hassle of more phone calls or multiple web visits!


Why We Do It

Providing you peace of mind QUICKLY is why we do it. 

For too long insurance has been purchased basically the same way, although our lives have become much faster paced. To get multiple quotes takes too much time using these outdated methods. 

Now, we want the ability to research online and get answers quickly. We want to make sure that the companies we are using are reputable and will be there when we need them. For some, they also like to decide what’s best without necessarily needing to speak with someone while getting information. But, during and after the sale, we want someone there to ask questions and get concerns handled. is the solution to this problem. You get multiple quotes, at your leisure, with respectable companies.


Our History

In 2006, Miller-Schuring Agency, Inc, our parent company, began providing instant online quotes for home and auto at During the period spanning 2006 to 2014, the amount of quotes provided at the website gradually increased as users became more comfortable with purchasing over the web. The online service continued to grow as the agency developed additional technology and created workflows that allowed us to provide the best service and products to our clients. 

Growing in both size and written premium, in 2013, Miller-Schuring Agency moved into a much larger location in Portage, Michigan. As a full service insurance agency, Miller-Schuring Agency provided products for all types of consumers. This included commercial, personal, health, group, life and surety. Because of this, the agency website had to address all of these products, while also proving instant home and auto quotes. 

During this period, more and more users chose to get instant online quotes versus traditional methods like using the phone or physically coming into the office. Due to the change in consumers purchasing habits and the size of our current website, Miller-Schuring decided it was time to create a new website that served the personal insurance consumer exclusively. 

In 2014, on November 11th, at exactly, 9:21pm EST, was launched. The new site was focused on consumer preferences and what we had learned during the previous eight years. The new site was successful and continued to grow.

In 2018, with the advent of sophisticated smart phone technology and the use of more and more portable electronics, we began working on the next version of This version would be more user friendly and work better for those that preferred to get their quotes on the go versus at a desk. 

In 2019, after much work, we launched the latest version of and we continue to make revisions as we move forward. 


Our Future

iSCHURING will continue to innovate.

One things for sure, we are not done innovating. Insurance has been around for a long time and has mostly stayed the same. But in the most recent decade, we are seeing changes in both the development of insurance as a product and how consumers purchase it. 

iSCHURING will continue to invest in ways that allow us to provide peace of mind to our clients. This will involve working to understand what consumers are looking for and building a business that delivers it.  

We have just gotten started!


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