iSCHURING: Insurance when you need it!

At iSCHURING, we are steeped in four values that inform every decision with every customer. Our values are:

  1. Quality: We demonstrate excellence and professionalism in every detail.
  2. Relationships: We genuinely connect with both the short- and long-term in mind.
  3. Choice: We provide customized solutions so consumers can make the best decisions.
  4. Experience: We create WOW! memorable and shareable moments.

Our Values Shine Through in Our Customers’ Stories

Here’s a spotlight on four recent customer experiences:

Adding another teen driver to the family was stressful enough! At iSCHURING, my family saved $2,000 on auto and home insurance while getting more coverage.

Theresa was friendly and knowledgeable. She explained the benefits of adding an umbrella policy to our auto insurance. She also helped us with some needed upgrades to our home insurance. Thank you for the great work, Theresa! Our family is thankful for you! – J. M., Mom of Two Teen Daughters

I have a degree in business not a Ph.D. in insurance! The iSCHURING team explained my policies and helped me understand the jargon.

During the whole process, the iSCHURING team was so helpful. They asked great questions and talked me through the details. I can count on iSCHURING to have my back. Thank you! – M. F., Busy Professional

iSCHURING renewed my faith in great customer service! Great coverage and even greater service!

At iSCHURING, I’m confident I’m getting the best value. The service was great from knowledgeable people who really do care. The service was so outstanding, I’m comfortable referring my friends to iSCHURING. – F. P., Grandad of Four

The iSCHURING team reduced our hassles with our home’s water damage. iSCHURING was there to help with our home water crisis!

Thank you, Theresa! I want to take this moment to thank you for all you do for me and the family! The last two years have been challenging with our water issues. Throughout our situation, you have been extremely helpful by guiding me down the right road for claim assistance. We have been happy with your response time and attention to detail. You are always on top of it! Please know that you are appreciated!! – J. S., Family Guy

I can count on your team! iSCHURING always communicates my needs clearly and accurately.

Whenever I have an insurance question, concern, or need help, and make a call to the iSCHURING team, Patti’s voice is reassuring and always helpful. She quickly determines how best to guide and direct me towards what I need. You are so lucky to have such a fantastic team member who is so consistently professional, competent, and reliable! Thank you for taking great care of me and my family! – G.S., Busy Mom, Wife & More

When my family’s needs change, your team is there. iSCHURING helps me navigate through my crazy life!

We appreciate your team. Theresa has helped us navigate many new seasons in our life including changing homes, adding teen drivers, and hail damage to our roof. When it comes to any insurance-related event or question, Theresa is my first thought and my go-to. I can’t think of any other professional that we have had such trust in for such a long time. Thank you! – R.N. & His Home Team